Musical Ensembles of NB

In our beautiful neighbouring province of New Brunswick, there are even more musical ensembles for the community musician to avail of.   Here is a list of many of the organized groups, both categorized by type and listed in alphabetical order.

If you are aware of an ensemble that has been left off of our list and you have the contact information for the group (either a website address, a facebook page or an e-mail address for the conductor), please pass it along to us through the ‘contact us’ link and we’ll add the information right away!

New Brunswick Community Concert Bands

1.  Codiac Concert Band / Harmonie Codiac – Riverview, New Brunswick and
Conductor: Chad Dominie

2.  Fredericton Concert and Marching Band – Fredericton, New Brunswick

3.  Sackville Citizen’s Band – Sackville, New Brunswick
Conductor: Paul Jensen
Sackville Citizens Band - Sackville NB

 4.  St. Mary’s Band – St. John, New Brunswick
Conductor; Bruce Holder, Jr.
St. Mary's Band, St. John, New Bruswick

New Brunswick Community Orchestras



New Brunswick Brass Bands



New Brunswick Community Big Bands



New Brunswick Military and Regimental Bands



New Brunswick Youth Ensembles

1.  New Brunswick Youth Orchestra – Moncton, New Brunswick  (semi-pro)


New Brunswick Professional Organizations

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