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Welcome to the official website for the Second Chances Community Band Program!  Second Chances Band is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is registered as an official non-profit organization.  In addition to being the official community band of the Spryfield area, we also offer various levels of learning ensembles, from the absolute beginner player right up to the more advanced.  We also have a Jazz Band Program and a Percussion Ensemble.

Feel free to use the drop down menus at the top of our website to explore more information about the Second Chances Band Program.

During our 2016 Fall Season, the Second Chances program will offer the following: a new beginner band program (no experience necessary), a concert band, a percussion ensemble and a jazz band.

Anyone interested in joining us and contributing to our community through music should register using our online registration form, which can be found in the ‘About Us’ drop down menu above or by clicking here.  Any information submitted using this form is sent only to the program’s executive director and our band’s registrar.  Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

Fall Season 2016 – What We Offer:

Beginner Band

This program is intended for adults and seniors with very little to no previous playing experience.  Students will learn the proper techniques for holding their instrument, how to make sound, how to sit properly while playing, as well as how to read and play music on their chosen instrument.  Sessions are divided into 15 week ‘seasons’ and each will end with a public performance.

A new beginner band will begin each September. Traditionally, we host a general information meeting during the first week of the month to answer questions about the program, costs for participants, resources available and how to obtain a musical instrument if you don’t already own one.  A sales representative from Long & McQuade Musical Instruments is usually on hand with a variety of wind instruments for you to try.


All rehearsals/lessons for the beginner band take place on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm at the Long & McQuade Administrative Office building, 264 Herring Cove Road, Unit 101. (see map below)

Concert Band

The concert band is intended for anyone in the Halifax area with a basic level of playing experience, or for members of our beginner program who feel ready to move to a more advanced level of playing. The expectation for the concert band is that players will have a minimum of 1-2 years of previous playing experience.

Adults, students and seniors are all welcome in this community ensemble. Participants will learn the basics of rhythm reading, transposition, major and minor scales, and key signatures as well as rehearse/perform repertoire at grade 2 or higher.  Seasons are 15 weeks long and end with a public performance.

The concert band has three seasons per year beginning in September, January and May.  Traditionally, we begin each new 4 month season with an open reading session, inviting community musicians from all over the city to join us for a night of sight reading.

All rehearsals for the Second Chances Concert Band take place on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm at the Long & McQuade Administrative Office building, 264 Herring Cove Road, Unit 101. (see map below)

Jazz Band

The jazz band is intended for players with a basic level of playing experience and provides the opportunity to apply what they have learned by performing music in a jazz style.  The program requires that players have a minimum of 1 full year of previous playing experience.

Adults, students and seniors are all welcome in this program. Participants will learn the basics of swing rhythm reading, jazz accents and articulations, the pentatonic and blues scales, as well as and the basics of jazz improvisation.  Repertoire for this ensemble will be selected from a variety of grade levels.  Seasons are 15 weeks long and end with a public performance.

Similar to the concert bands, the jazz band has three seasons per year beginning in September, January and May.

All rehearsals for the learning jazz band take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm at the Long & McQuade Administrative Office building, 264 Herring Cove Road, Unit 101.

Rehearsal / Lesson Location

In October of 2015, the Second Chances Program moved all rehearsals / lessons to our new home, downstairs in the Long & McQuade Administrative building, 264 Herring Cove Road (unit 101), Spryfield, Nova Scotia.  There is ample parking available on the side and behind the building.  Please be sure to use the lower-side entrance to the building (marked as unit 101).

2015 Map to L&M Herring Cove Road


Beginner Instruction is Offered for:

Instrument Choices-jpg

Note to Percussionists: All drummers will be expected to learn to play mallet instruments, and all mallet players will be expected to learn to play the drums.

Note to Orchestral String Players: The selection of the violin or the cello will require the purchase of a method book that is not written for your instrument.  Please contact the director to find out which book you should purchase for use with the concert band.

How Do I Choose / Find an Instrument:

Sometimes choosing an instrument can be as simple as picking up what is readily available to you, but for others the selection of an instrument can be a bit daunting and intimidating.  Please remember that during the information session held at the beginning of every new beginner band session, a complete selection of instruments will be available for you to sample and try.

Every effort will be made to find the perfect instrument for you.

Anyone interested in participating in the Second Chances Band Program will need to acquire an instrument of their own as well as a music stand before rehearsals begin. If you already own the instrument you intend to learn this is not a problem, however if you are looking to learn an instrument you don’t already own then it is suggested that you try renting the instrument for at least the first four month session.

Long-and-McquadeLong & McQuade Musical Instruments has very reasonable rental rates for all instruments found in the band. While the instrument is being rented, it is also covered under a warranty program that is next to none, covering not only normal wear and tear but also those accidents resulting in more serious damage.

Information regarding rental rates and options will be presented during the first information session.

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